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Reliability Efficiency and Performance

3P PRINZ is based in Tuscany, Italy, 3P Prinz is a pumps manufacturing company.
The company is highly-specialized in engineering products and innovative technology, serving the demands of customers worldwide. 3P Prinz is the owner for the following Brands:
Pompe 3P - Hollow rotary disk and Gear Pumps
Pera-Prinz - Screws pumps

Company Profile

3P Prinz believes that buying a pump is a long term investment and not "one-off Transaction". We believe that After sales service, reliability and efficiency are the base in this type of products and industry. The pumps selection is based on cost-effective and energy-efficient pumping solutions.

Strong of its 60 years spent supplying Italy’s top refineries, chemical, petrochemical, ship building, ecological and food industries, Pompe3P has become an undisputed benchmark of quality and service. Our richness is based on customers that require perfection, personalization, promptly! We fulfill our customer’s requirements and our customers fulfill our desire of growth at a steady rate!