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Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps

Markets Served

    3P Prinz pumps are widely used to load, transfer and unload petroleum.
    Typical Applications Handled:
    - •Fuel Oil - •Methanol •- Gasoline •- Ethanol •- Diesel •- Oil & Gas •- Biofuels •- Processing •- Feedstock

    Chemical companies around the world rely on 3P Prinz for their fluid transfer needs. 3P Prinz transfers raw products from storage containers to loading of product onto transport vehicles.
    Typical Applications Handled:
    - Acids - •Paper - Glue • - Carbon Dioxide •- Paints - Inks & Coatings • - Solvents •- Isocyanate - Polyols • - Soap & Detergents •- Polyurethane

    3P Prinz is proud to support the military with leading-edge hollow rotary disk pumps.
    Typical Applications Handled:
    - Fuel Oil • - Kerosene • - Gasoline - Lube Oil

    3P Prinz Pumps move raw product from rail and transport vehicles to bulk storage tanks and facilities.
    Typical Applications Handled:
    - Oils • - Asphalt • - Fuels • - Liquid Waste • - Chemicals • - Liquid Fertilizers • - Liquid Foods • - Dry Bulk • - Bio-lube

    3P Prinz supply the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries with its Disc Pumps that improve productivity and efficiency.
    Typical Applications Handled:
    - Dairy - Beverages - Confectionery - Sauces & Dressings - Animal Food • - Cosmetics • - Pharmaceutical

3PPrinz M Series
Food&Beverage Marine, Ship Building Chemical & Petrochemical

This type of pump with single impeller is ideal to transfer liquids with medium, high and very high viscosity containing also small amounts of suspended solids.

3PPrinz D Series
Food&Beverage Marine, Ship Building Chemical & Petrochemical

These pumps, with two impellers, are ideal to transfer fluids with medium and high viscosity and are designed to be used with piping, valves, fittings, etc..

3PPrinz DN-CN-MN Series
Food&Beverage Marine, Ship Building Chemical & Petrochemical

Pumps with one or two impellers equipped with external bearings and special innovative and patented technical features, which enable these pumps to be widely employed in fields with special plant requirements.

3PPrinz CN Series
Paints Manufacturing Marine&Shipbuilding Food&Beverage Chemical & Petrochemical

The CN Series Rotary Hollow Disk Pumps are suitable for Loading/Unloading of Tanks for Tankers, Bowsers, Train Wagon Tankers etc.

3PPrinz Turbik Series
Food&Beverage Marine, Ship Building Chemical & Petrochemical

This pump is designed to pumps liquids with low and medium viscosity from barrels, vessels, tanks.